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SURE. Sustainable Urban Energy in the ENPI Region.

CIUDAD. Cooperación en Desarrollo Urbano y Diálogo



Murcia will share its experience on energy planing and management with the cities of Salé (Marruecos) and Polotsk (Belarus) in the productino of their Sustainable Energy Plans for joining the Covenant of Mayors.

Project SURE. Program CIUDAD of the EuropeAid Office of the European Commission.

The role of Murcia in this project will be sharing its expertise on the Covenant of Mayors and its implementation. The technicians of Murcia will provide support to the production of the energy plans in Salé and Polotsk and will coordinate the ellaboration of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans for the Covenant of Mayors. A study visit to Murcia will be carried out during the project implementation.

The lead partner of the project is the city of Friedrichshafen (Germany) which implements the European Energy Award. This project joins both ENPI areas, East and South, with a partner from Morocco (Salé) and a partner from Belarus (Polotsk)  

The aim of the project is exchanging experiences in energy planing, promotion of the Covenant of Mayors and technical advice for achieving the targets of the Covenant (20-20-20), meaning: decrease of CO2 emissions  20%, increase of energy efficiency 20% and renewable share 20% for the year 2020. 

The duration of the project will be 30 months. It started in January 2010. The project budget is 791.725,00 euros, 77,90% cofinanced by EC.

Link to download the presentations of the Training Days in Murcia in March 2011. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0Bz408o9Nt71nZjk4M2QwM2QtNDk1Zi00ZTkwLWIxNmItMzE5NDRlYjhiZWM2&hl=es

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