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PRO-EE: Public Procurement Boost Energy Efficiency
Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme. State: Finished
INFORMATION: http://www.proeuropeos-murcia.net/docdow.php?id=34 http://www.pro-ee.eu/
Pro-STO: Best practice implementation of solar thermal obligations
Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme. State: Finished
TARGETS Develop Solar Thermal Obligations (STO) through the regulation itself through municipal regulations, administrative procedures, effective and relevant support measures. Demonstrate through five examples of good real implementation of the STO. Facilitate…
Sancak.Team Hacked by Regard & Yeni Çeri
IC INTERREG. State: Finished
  <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Defaced by RegarD & heyk :D </title> </head> <body…
SMARTPA - Smarter Public Administrations in the EU
State: Current
                        Puede acceder a la web propia del proyecto en la dirección http://www.smartpuba.eu/       
SURE. Sustainable Urban Energy in the ENPI Region.
CIUDAD. Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue. State: Finished
Murcia will share its experience on energy planing and management with the cities of Salé (Marruecos) and Polotsk (Belarus) in the productino of their Sustainable Energy Plans for joining the Covenant of Mayors. Project SURE. Program CIUDAD of the EuropeAid Office of the European…
There are 16 projects.
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