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Creation of Local Energy Agencies in Bordeaux, Latina, Murcia, Riga and Port
Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme. State: Finished
AIMS: To contribute at a local scale in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and fighting against the climate change. To improve the energy efficiency, the saving of energy consumption and promote the rationalised energy use in the municipal installations and services. To…
Día de Europa • 9 de mayo de 2007
CI programme Equal. State: Finished
El 9 de mayo de 1950 la prensa fue invitada a la Sala del Reloj del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores francés para participar de un comunicado de gran importancia. Éste, redactado conjuntamente por Robert Schuman, ministro francés de Asuntos Exteriores, y su consejero Jean…
e-Micro Project
CI programme Equal. State: Finished
AIMS: To guarantee the adjustment of the entrepreneurs and the workers of micro businesses to the needs that stem from the changes n the management systems and the development of the information society, by improving its competences. To improve the organization and efficiency of the…
IC programme Interreg. State: Finished
The principal aim is to strengthen the competitiveness in the most important sector in the employment creation (the commercial sector) by improving the training and innovative competences.
* To improve the training quality aimed at the traders (adapted to their needs) * To investigate…
Itinerary towards the new employment sources
FSE Global Subsidy Programme. State: Finished
PURPOSE: To promote the employment among people that belong to social groups regarded as disfavoured as they are excluded from the labour market into occupations considered new employment sources (attention to dependent persons and environmental care and improvement) as well as encouraging their…
There are 12 projects for your search.
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