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LOIEs - Lessons and Options for an Integrated European approach to CSR
DG Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion. State: Current
  go to http://www.loies.eu
MOBISEC - Mobilitity Initiatives for Sustainable European Communities
Grant DG MOVE (Transport and mobility) of the EU. State: Current
MOBISEC - Mobility Initiatives for Sustainable European Communities (more information at http://www.mutrans.es) GENERAL OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT Promotion of the use of the bicycle as usual transport mean, that can offer an alternative to the use of particular…
SMARTPA - Smarter Public Administrations in the EU
State: Current
                        Puede acceder a la web propia del proyecto en la dirección http://www.smartpuba.eu/       
URBAN Murcia. District of Espíritu Santo
IC URBAN. State: Current
The project strategy consists of regenerating the urban district of Espíritu Santo using an integral approach by consolidating culture and cultural diversity as a key factor of urban development and the information society, and as a motor for other policies.  The integral…
There are 4 projects for your search.

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