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MOBISEC - Mobilitity Initiatives for Sustainable European Communities

Grant DG MOVE (Transport and mobility) of the EU

Transport and mobility


MOBISEC - Mobility Initiatives for Sustainable European Communities

(more information at http://www.mutrans.es)


Promotion of the use of the bicycle as usual transport mean, that can offer an alternative to the use of particular vehicles. This way the effects of particular vehicles will be decreased: traffic jams, consumption of fossil fuels, air pollution, noise and use of land.

Guarantee the safety of users of public roads and especially cyclists and pedestrians. At present, bicycle is one of the more vulnerable means of transport. One of the key factors to boost the use of bicycle is that users can feel the safety when they use it. Because of that, cycle lanes must be infrastructures with a high level of security for all users on the public roads.

Intermodality, strategies to promote the intermodality of bicycle with other transport means have to be launched. The planning of cycle paths has to be consistent with the net of other transport means like buses or trams and the public parkings in the city.

Citizen participation. Education programs for all ages, that remark the advantages of this transport mean for the environment and for the health. Actions to promote citizen participation in the process of the project, meetings, forums, web tools, etc.




  • ·         Length of existing cycle lanes
  • ·         Number of users
  • ·         Number of bicycles available in different public parkings
  • ·         Number of users of the public rental system for bicycles
  • ·         Number of uses of public bicycles
  • ·         Number of consultations on the web consultation service
  • ·         Satisfaction of the user of the public roads
  • ·         Number of incidents or complaints
  • ·         Number of accidents of users
  • ·         Numbers of stolen bicycles


  • ·         Number of bicycles parked in bus, tram, train stations and public parking for vehicles
  • ·         Number of users of intermodality

Education, citizen participation:

  • ·         number of attendees to the programs and campaigns.
  • ·        Number of meetings, number of attendees, number of suggestions presented by groups and citizens

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