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The principal aim is to strengthen the competitiveness in the most important sector in the employment creation (the commercial sector) by improving the training and innovative competences.
* To improve the training quality aimed at the traders (adapted to their needs)
* To investigate the new tools to help the traders
* To involve the local authorities in the commercial distribution development in the cities.
* The fulfilment of a pilot project in different media.
* The creation of a long-lasting European network in which the actors may exchange information and seek solutions to common problems in an associated manner.

Training of the traders: Supply and demand analysis in the commercial training in the four regions: Valencia, Toulouse, Liguria, Murcia that will be collected in a strategic document: "To innovate in the commercial training in the EU"(Brussels).
Applied research to the small shop. The aim is to analyse how to sell, where to sell, what means are used to market the products, how to introduce the technology processes, how to organise the activities through the Innovative Organization Plans, how to communicate with the consumers, how to convey a global image.
Development of pilot projects.  They will demonstrate that the training and innovation applied to the shop will improve the citizens’ quality of life.
Transnational Activities. To create an added value to our cooperation by encouraging common actions and announcing the results. Establishing a long-lasting cooperation base that will be developed through territorial marketing actions.

Project Management: Community of Valencia. Ministry of Business, University and Science
Partners: Town Hall of Murcia (European Programme Service, Trade Council); Town Hall of Alicante; Chambre Régionale de Commerce et Industrie de la Ligurie ; Carrefour Rural Européen de la Région Liguria (Italy); Chambre de Commerce et d\'Industrie de Toulouse (France); Revitaliser les Quartiers Commercants ASBL (Brussels Town Centre Management).

TOTAL INVESTMENT: € 950,785.50


FURTHER INFORMATION: http://www.innocommerce.net/site/fr/




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Transnational meeting. Murcia, December 2005

Transnational meeting. Murcia, december 2005

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