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Creation of Local Energy Agencies in Bordeaux, Latina, Murcia, Riga and Port

Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme




  • To contribute at a local scale in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and fighting against the climate change.
  • To improve the energy efficiency, the saving of energy consumption and promote the rationalised energy use in the municipal installations and services.
  • To provide the municipality with the necessary legal means so as to introduce energy efficiency criteria, sustainable building and the use of renewable energies in the new building sites and urban developments.
  • To encourage at a municipal scale the use of renewable energies in the domestic environment, as well as the measures aimed at promoting energy saving.
  • Sustainable urban mobility.
  • To educate and create awareness among the public in general regarding the need to save energy.


Results expected to be achieved in 2010:

  • Reduction of at least a10%.in the energy consumption of the own Town Hall.
  • To contribute in the municipality, to achieve the target of 12%, established by the Renewable Energy Plan of Spain (2005-2010), of renewable sources in energy consumptions.
  • Housing and facilities built in the municipality using thermal solar energy for domestic hot water. (80%. Of the new buildings).
  • Housing built in the municipality under bioclimatic criteria (25 % of the new housing).
  • Municipal School Centres with photovoltaic installations (25 % of the centres).
  • Incorporation of low consumption and ecological fuel vehicles in the municipal fleet and in the public transport fleet.
  • Introduction of efficiency and energy saving criteria in the municipal contracts and municipal allotments by tenders.
  • An increase in the amount of population aware of energy saving, specially among the immigrants, women, elderly and school children.
  • An increase in the investment in innovation and research regarding energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
  • The increase of public organization and business participation in the municipality, in European, State and Regional programmes pertaining energy.



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