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The European Programmes Service was started up in 1997, with the mission of obtaining community funds for municipal projects: it obtains information about invitations, prepares candidatures, searches for partners, manages and monitors approved projects and exercises economic and financial control over those projects in addition to justifying them in economic terms.

FotografíaSince that time we have worked on projects related to employment, culture, environmental, rural development, local development and cooperation for development.

During recent years, we have focused our attention on integral urban development, within the framework of the Lisbon Agenda and the strategic directives for the cohesion of the European Union. In 2006 the municipal energy agency (ALEM) was set up and we are now working on other projects in the energy field as a complement to the agency’s activities. Urban regeneration is another key element for making progress in terms of social equality and for achieving lasting development. Within this framework, the Urban Initiative project entitled URBAN: Barrio del Espíritu Santo (District of Espíritu Santo) has been set up to create the conditions for the physical socio-economic and cultural recovery of one of the most vulnerable districts of the city.

The urban observatory La Asomada is a tool that provides socio-economic information and sector surveys about the city of Murcia for the European Commission as part of the URBAN AUDIT, and also for the European Programmes Service. This allows us to have a permanent idea of the challenges and opportunities that affect urban development and provides the definition of objectives and the preparation of projects that will respond to the new challenges facing a city that is in constant evolution.

Día de Europa 2006 · Descargar folleto de actividadesMurcia is a member of Eurocities, the European network of large cities that promotes communication with European institutions regarding aspects that have an important impact on the life of citizens. Eurocities promotes the exchange of knowledge and the analysis of problems and innovative solutions, by taking part in Forums, work groups, activities and events. For the past year, Murcia has chaired the Mobility Forum that is focusing its activity on the planning of sustainable urban transport.

The celebration of Europe Day on 9 May every year and the production of teaching material for students and teachers have been designed to assist in informing the inhabitants of our city about the idea of Europe and the activities carried out by the European Union.


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