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The “La Asomada” Observatory is a socioeconomic knowledge and analysis tool for the municipality of Murcia. The objective is to study the evolution of the urban reality of the municipality of Murcia, anticipate the processes of change, the problems deriving from the new social and economic realities as well as be an efficient tool for improving municipal actions under the scope of the European Commission’s cohesion policy and URBAN AUDIT project.

The Observatory is structured into three thematic areas related to urban development aspects

  • Economic structure competition observatory: Analysis and evaluation of the business development and quality of employment, structure of the creation of local wealth.
  • Social sustainability observatory: Analysis of social cohesion. Structure of the population, population distribution, income, education, culture, housing, civic involvement.
  • Environmental sustainability observatory: Analysis and evaluation of the civic environment and its evolution and trends, access to services, mobility, evolution of civic culture, environmental protection.

The Observatory is organized based on four functional areas that must include the following content in accordance with the European URBAN AUDIT indicator structure:

  • Statistics and documentation: socioeconomic aspects, civic involvement, education and training, environment, culture and recreation.
  • Analysis and prospective: an annual socioeconomic report on the municipality of Murcia and specific studies on sensitive neighbourhoods.
  • General services and dissemination: web portal, new sections, agenda and documentation, sector studies.


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